Rental Management

As the foundation of our business, Cagan’s property management services deliver the care and results our investors seek. We’ve made maximizing client returns through asset appreciation, capital reinvestment, and value enhancement a company-wide objective. The comprehensive nature of Cagan’s services addresses the following areas to ensure your properties and investments are being managed at the highest levels.
Marketing — Creating an appealing building identity, effective advertising campaign, and a comprehensive marketing plan, all increase the market’s awareness of your property. Effective marketing builds the traffic that maintains occupancy levels. 
Operations and Administration — The supervision of operations, administration, employees, repairs, contracts, and purchases, are all part of the service Cagan provides. We will also review insurance coverage and investigate claims, as well as develop preventive maintenance programs. Regularly scheduled meetings with property owners keeps everyone informed and the lines of communication open. 
Resident Recognition/Retention — The importance and satisfaction of the individual tenant can’t be emphasized enough. By practicing preventative maintenance and addressing all security, safety, and health issues in advance, our residents’ contentment makes us proud. Combined with an engaging environment and sense of community, this approach drives Cagan’s high retention rates. Initiatives such as raffles, newsletters, and partnership programs all strengthen the connection residents have to their rental home and its surroundings. It’s one of the things that differentiate our properties from the rest of the market. To ensure immediate contact and results, the entire management team — engineers, office staff, and managers — is equipped with Nextel radios. Should an emergency arise, we provide our residents with a 24/7 emergency call service.
Finance and Accounting — Cagan’s fully trained, in-house accounting department, and state-of-the-art accounting and report systems, provide owners with detailed monthly financial statements that include rent rolls, month- and year-to-date income and expense reports, in addition to a statement of cash flow reconciled monthly to the property’s checkbook and bank statement. For clients with unique requirements, Cagan can provide highly specialized reports to serve any need.
These qualities, combined with our proven track record of quick and efficient responsiveness to resident requests, have established Cagan as an industry leader in the management business. We genuinely enjoy providing our residents with the best-in-class services and opportunities available.

For more information about Cagan's management service please contact us at [email protected]