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Receivership + OREO

Resources for Financial Institutions
Cagan Management Group has been appointed receiver at both the local and federal levels for various assets nationwide. Our experience in keeping records and navigating the court systems, along with our integrity and professionalism, have enabled Cagan to carry out receivership functions for leading financial institutions. We use our insight and know-how to carry out receivership assignments as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.
Cagan offers comprehensive and customized services to institutions and banks that maximize the value of real estate owned assets. Our services can be applied to a single project or an entire portfolio of assets. Whether the focus is preservation of value or enhancement to maximize value, Cagan assists institutions in achieving their goals. Our hands-on approach and AMO® accreditation ensures that properties are enhanced for maximum value until and throughout final disposition.
Cagan considers an institutional relationship to be a business partnership, not a client-agent relationship. We truly take pride in guiding troubled assets to successful outcomes.
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