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Property Management

Customized to meet the objectives of your property

Based on the individual needs of each property, Cagan tailors a management plan aligned with your unique long-term goals and objectives.  
Responsiveness is one of our core values. It is our proactive management style and attitude that ultimately provide some of the greatest benefits to our clients and residents. We practice preventative maintenance, which increases operational efficiencies, improves the quality of tenant services, and enhances the value of each property. Our consistent level of attention sets us apart from our competition.
AMO® Accreditation

Receiving AMO® accreditation is a true mark of distinction among real estate management firms. As one of only approximately 500 management companies in all of North America to have achieved AMO® accreditation, Cagan is proud to be a member of this prestigious professional organization and to uphold its stringent guidelines for our clients.

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