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Asset Management

Maximizing Value

In addition to the comprehensive property management services Cagan provides, we can also help maximize your property investments with guidance on managing your real estate assets. Particularly relevant for today’s market, our Executive Management Team applies their collective experience and industry expertise to create customized asset management plans.
Taking a structured approach, our team considers all of the factors that can influence a property’s investment viability, such as condition, location, legislation, market trends, economic factors, taxation issues, and more. We then consider how those factors relate to your specific needs and goals. The result is a comprehensive asset management plan that covers day-to-day operations, budgeting, forecasting, reserves, renovations, improvements, and all the other elements necessary to reach your investment goals. 
In consultation with financial professionals, we can also advise on suitable investment options for rental income or disposition proceeds. Cagan works together with you and your financial advisors to ensure that your investments are being fully leveraged and providing you with the results you expect.

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